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Zia-Priven, Inc.

Zia·Priven, an award-winning, contemporary lighting studio, was founded in Los Angeles, CA in 1999, by husband-and-wife design team Marcia Zia (an Emmy-nominated set decorator) and Paul Priven.  Born out of their great love for vintage lighting and their appreciation for lighting’s dramatic effects on an interior environment and its architecture, they embarked on a journey to produce timeless, handmade pieces with a nod to the couple’s Hollywood roots.


Zia·Priven’s classically modern aesthetic is realized by a team of highly-trained artisans and master craftspeople that produce hand-blown glass, precision cut metals and hand applied finishes with rigorous attention to detail.


In addition to their standard collection, Zia·Priven gives their clients the utmost in creativity by welcoming custom modifications as well as offering to produce or collaborate on original designs. By partnering with a client’s vision, Zia·Priven assures every fixture will bear the owner’s unique stamp of individuality.


"Bespoke lighting is always the icing on the cake for any project. Zia·Priven enables us to develop, refine, and execute a myriad of lighting options, par excellence."
—Jo Laurie, Jo Laurie Design LLC.

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