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Since 1999, Zia-Priven’s award winning lighting has been used by some of the world’s most
renowned designers and architects in the luxury residential, commercial and hospitality industries.
Our talented workrooms in Brooklyn and now Los Angeles have been the cornerstone for our
success. With our expansion, ZP Custom incorporates the strengths of our Los Angeles workrooms
as well as a few, talented, select workrooms overseas. This opportunity allows us to provide you (or
our clients?) the same level of quality and attention to detail on a broader scale.

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Custom Wedding Cake Chandelier Viejas Casino.jpg
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In addition to collaborating to seamlessly modify our existing fixtures, this also means you and your
team can incorporate any custom products you like--including your own ideas--for considerably less
than expected.  The execution and quality are handmade, trade-only with heirloom hand finishes
and generational life spans.


This opportunity/affiliation makes Zia-Priven one of the only lighting manufacturers in our industry
with both domestic and offshore capabilities. And the most critical aspect of this relationship is we
will be able to maintain the same handmade, generational quality you’ve come to expect from us for
over 20 years.


We can now deliver one custom fixture or an entire to-spec lighting schedule at accessible pricing.

Allow us to collaborate with you to bring your concepts to life/light and maintain your design integrity
while you keep your budget manageable. We can now offer nearly limitless innovation and creativity
at a fraction of the cost.

  • CAD Files

  • 3-D & In Situ Renderings

  • Customized Light Output

  • Designed for easy installation

  • Consideration for on-going maintenance and additional cost concerns

  • 12-16 week lead times for most projects

  • ETL Listing included on all fixtures

  • Attainable pricing


  • Fixture Size: no limitations

  • Materials: brass, steel, bronze, glass, crystal, alabaster, quartz, acrylic, exotic woods, veneers

  • Finishes: plating, patinas, hand-applied chemical oxidation, painting

  • Quantities: one to 1000s

  •  Quality: Not "value engineering" but rather handmade fixtures, exacting engineering, heirloom finishes

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